The plumbing of dating or being married to a taller woman?

johnny5 posted this 23 June 2018

Hello Forum,

New to the site but have been a long time admirer of taller women. Here is a simple question for everyone. Suppose you are dating a girl like the one in the attached picture:

enter image description here

Notice the 1.5 foot gap between his crotch level and hers? Does that ever bother anyone out there? Because as a shorter guy I can tell you it bothers me, despite the fact that I have a thing for taller women.

Let me know your thoughts!

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admin posted this 23 June 2018

Hello Johnny5, welcome to the site!

As for your question, you know what they say, we are all the same height when laying down!

johnny5 posted this 23 June 2018

Thanks! But I don't just mean that. How about other body parts? Do tall women have bigger crotches and if so can a shorter guy satisfy them? As you can tell I don't have a lot of experience in this area.

Pete posted this 25 June 2018

Well, I can tell you from my experience I have dated several women 5'11" or taller, and despite being short myself I have never had any problems where the plumbing is concerned. ;)

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